Eastern Europe to the Black Sea - 2019

Thanks to Grand Circle Cruise Line, the Crew of the MV River Adagio, our wonderful PD Monica Alionte,

and great fellow travelers for another amazing trip of Learning and Discovery

Trip ItineraryNot really Wayne

Wayne's Photos to Share                              

Special thanks to Sue Madsen for the picture above of the statue of my long-lost twin brother, taken on the Budapest Parliament building tour.

Romania Serbia
        PreTrip Day in Bucharest         Belgrade 
        Bucharest        Belgrade Evening Program 
        Dimitrie Gusti National Village Museum        Novi Sad
        Costanta on the Black Sea Croatia
Bulgaria        Vukovar and Osijek 
       Vidin   Hungary
Sailing the Danube        1st Day Budapest
        Iron Gates Locks        2nd Day Budapest
          Sailing the Danube at Night

These photos are fairly low resolution to make them fast loading.  If you see a photo you really enjoy

and would like to have the High Resolution version, just email me the photo title(s) and I'll send you the file(s).