I was really busy with work during the month of April, so there hasn't been much to photograph.  Below are some photos from the 2nd Primary Open Day (like a talent show) on April 27.  My girls were all decked out in fancy dresses or costumes for the skits, songs, and poems they performed for their parents.  I was partly responsible for the Maypole dance and the play, "Beauty and the Beast."
These dresses will be clean for about 1 min! She's a fish Maypole dancers
Miss Lisa and the cast of Beauty and the Beast The biggest toothless smile! Eight year olds and lipstick - maybe not a great combination!
Maypole girls getting flowers for their hair Mariam & Hadir Maypole girls fighting over flowers for hair
Three little pharoahs Karen Looks like a couple of Egyptian men, an Indian woman, and Britney Spears
I asked them about their role in the talent show and they weren't sure what they were supposed to be - we train them well here! Look how multi-cultural we are here in Egypt Yasmine and Farah One little chef - she called herself a cooker