The first part of June was spent enjoying the end of Josh's visit to Egypt.  We spent a day in Alexandria before I developed an allergic reaction to something unknown (maybe insect bites), broke out into hives, and was couch-ridden for the remainder of his visit (and most of the rest of the month of June, for that matter).
In Alexandria, we visited the library, which was closed, but one of the major features of the library is its architecture and we were able to admire that from outside. 
In the evening we were greeted with a beautiful sunset.
In mid-June Matt, who is house-sitting in Maadi (the nice area where most of the westerners live), decided to try out the gas grill and have a barbecue.  We ate burgers and played Risk - it was great fun!
On June 22 Karen and I moved to Alexandria, where we teach at the Fairhaven school.
This is my half of the bedroom we share. Our extremely pink bathroom Karen's half of our bedroom
The day we arrived, we thought we should name the woman in our painting since she is such a prominent part of the living room.  We named her Mona and later that night found out she is the great-grandmother of the woman who owns the building, who happens to be named Mona! When we cleaned out the kitchen, we found all sorts of interesting things, including this electric foot-warming device. This is our dining room, where we eat dinner with Aaron every night.  We take turns cooking for each other, which has been nice.
This is our balcony, which is a nice place to sit and read (after cleaning the daily accumulation of dust and dirt off every horizontal surface) Our view of the Mediterranean Sea This is the tram that is responsible for making it nearly impossible to sleep at night.  Despite the fact that it moves at a walking pace, this train makes a huge amount of noise at all hours!
Fairhaven is a school for children with disabilities.  However, in the summer when school is not in session the church that owns the school runs a day camp for kids from the church.  We spend the day singing, playing games, leading crafts and cooking activities, and whatever else we can do to interact with the kids.
Every morning starts with songs to get the kids (and us) awake. This little light of mine...
For our first craft activity we helped the kids make lilies out of construction paper, sticks, and ribbon.
The toddler class making a train to get to the craft room For our cooking activity we made sugar cookies and let the kids decorate them with icing (that tasted kind of bad because we had to color it with apricot and strawberry flavored gelatin).
One day we didn't have any activities to lead and it was Karen's day to teach English so I spent the whole day in the toddler class.  These kids have no idea that I don't speak the same language as them, but we had a good time despite the language barrier and I'm learning some new Arabic vocabulary (Mommy will return, sit down, listen, be careful, slow down, what's wrong?, what are you doing?...)