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Welcome to Egypt, Mom and Dad!
My parents arrived Sunday afternoon.  Due to traffic and the fact that the taxi driver initially took me to the wrong airport and then couldn't figure out how to get to the right airport, I was 45 minutes late to pick them up.  Fortunately, their flight was slightly delayed and they were still waiting at the baggage claim when I spotted them.  So, even though the first day didn't quite go as planned, it worked out well.  Besides, we're in Egypt; nothing ever goes exactly as planned!
My parents arrived on Egyptian Mother's Day, so I got my mom some flowers.  They were very Egyptian (i.e. gaudy).

On their first evening at Dawson Hall, we had a big pot of soup for dinner so my parents had a chance to meet my friends (and also to enjoy one last American meal).

Monday - My local neighborhood and Coptic Cairo
After a brief tour of Ghamra and Abbasiya (the slums where I live) Monday morning, we headed to Coptic Cairo for a tour of some old churches and a cemetery.  These photos are from the hanging church, built over the remains of the Water Gate of Roman Babylon.
Our next stop in Coptic Cairo was the Greek Orthodox cemetery.  Can you tell it is Greek from the photo to the left?  It was especially interested to look at the mausoleums fashioned after row houses.  I think many of the "deceased inhabitants" of Cairo have better housing than the living ones.
After finding our way out of the cemetery, we toured the church of Mar Girgis (St. George).
Much of Coptic Cairo is currently under construction (far left), so we weren't able to see everything, but there were still many churches and even a mosque (left) outside the old part of Coptic Cairo.
The streets within Coptic Cairo are very narrow and similar to the ones we experienced in Jerusalem.  On the far right is a window, similar to the ones we have seen in Islamic Cairo built so that women could look out to the street without being seen.
Tuesday - Teaching Day
Tuesday my parents came to school with me for the first time in about 20 years.  We started the day with a tour of Ramses College and then went to class.  They watched me teach three second primary science classes and lead my website activity period.  "Mr. Wayne" even helped teach the science classes, although I didn't let him help in the third one because, as you can all probably imagine, he got the girls even more wound up than they were!
Introducing the parents and explaining the game - "Will it sink or will it float?" - thanks to David Letterman.

Don't be fooled, Mom and Dad, they aren't always so well-behaved!

Can you see I'm starting to lose control here?
And now, there is complete chaos - 40 girls running wild at the front of the room, sticking their arms in the water, giving me notes, etc.
"Mr. Wayne" teaches science with his bottle cap "boat."
And then in the hallway after class...

"Miss Lisa, who are those people?  Miss Lisa, can your dad take my picture?"

The older girls in my website activity period were a little less eager to have their pictures taken.