Anafora Desert Retreat Center
Rachel and I spent a weekend at Anafora with a group of Mennonite missionaries, mostly from the US and Canada.  The retreat center is part of a monastery and is intended as a place of prayer and silent reflection for retreat groups as well as Coptic Orthodox clergy.

Our home for the weekend and my first experience sleeping under a mosquito net

It is hard to imagine a place more beautiful and peaceful than this; even though we were there to babysit, I found the weekend very restful and hope to return there soon!

Gathering the "family" in Dawson hall in preparation for the meal
We enjoyed more than the usual number of kids around Dawson hall!
We have plates, drinks, tables and chairs...
all we need is some turkey!
And there's the bird!
Enjoying fellowship and lots of yummy food - Thanksgiving was great for those of us deprived of American food for three months!
Kim and I sat at the kid's table with Niveen and Brice from the seminary and all the kids.
Enjoying a post-pumpkin pie hymn sing.
Port Said
The morning after Thanksgiving, we all piled in a van (10 of us) for a trip to Port Said
We went for a walk around Port Said, but it was so cold, we ended up spending part of the time in a coffee shop.
We were able to worship together in the church where we were staying.  Unfortunately, it wasn't much warmer inside than outside!
It was fun to walk around in this street market and there weren't many tourists.  Note the number of people turning to stare at us as we walk by in the picture on the left - welcome to Egypt!
As we left the church in Port Said, we were met by a police escort that led us out of town with sirens blaring!  Apparently, they thought we would be safer if everyone in all of Port Said knew of our presence.