At the end of September, we went to Mt. Sinai with a group from Dar Camboni.  These are the photos, but you can read more about the trip in my September newsletter

What do you do when your bus breaks down in the desert?

  Hover in the shade or hike to a roadside cafe!

The cafe gave us a chance to sit in the shade and get some cold drinks.  Some decided to try smoking sheesha, a popular pastime in Egypt
U-haul has not yet made it to Egypt
An afternoon at the Red Sea...sandbar football, anyone?
Our game even attracted some new Egyptian friends who wanted to join in!
Ahh...the beauty of the Red Sea.  Maybe we could live here instead of going back to Cairo.
Before the hike

After a cold, sleepless night on the mountain

Despite our fatigue, sunrise atop Mt. Sinai was a beautiful way to start the day!
It's a long way down ~ I can't believe we were all the way up there!
After a long walk (or camel ride for some), we arrived back at St. Catherine's monastery, home to the famous burning bush
Panoramic view of the world (or at least the Sinai peninsula) from the top of Mt. Sinai