TZ Flag Jambo Bwana ! Welcome

We now have 2 Photo Sets linked below.    Photo Set #1 has not changed from the first posting, with about 240 photos of mine.
PhotoSet #2 contains about 130 more photos including some of mine along with borrowed shots from Wendy, Holly and Camille.


There are now some videos at the link below as well.


I’ll continue to improve upon the presentation and maybe sort the photos "animal type”, but family responsibilities and that pesky j-o-b disease limit my productivity here.


Just click a thumbnail photo to view it full size and then, if desired, ‘right-click’ the large photo to “Save the Picture” to your computer. 
Most computers will allow you to hit your <F11> Key to toggle your browser to full screen so you can see the pictures better.  <F11> again to go back to normal view.


These photos are compressed from the originals but are good enough quality to enjoy and to print small prints for scrapbooking. 

If you see a photo you would like to have to print out larger, just email me and I’ll post the full size original under the “High Resolution” link below.


I've uploaded Photosets #1 and #2 to Snapfish by request, for ease of printing.  Click Here to go to Snapfish.  New !

- Photo Set #1
 - Photo Set #2
 - Videos
 - Photos of the recipes they gave us
(better photo now of the Dressing recipe)New
 - High Resolution Photos to download
(by EMail Request)

The Jambo Song (external link to You Tube)
The Lyrics  (external link)
Last Updated  25 Feb 2012